Kenneth Burkes Dramatism – Essay Example

The paper "Kenneth Burke’s Dramatism" is an excellent example of an essay on performing arts. Burke utilizes the dramatization tool in order to permit the readers to speculate concerning the way other persons can be influenced, through a review of various theatrical actions that are developed, in certain situations. Dramatization makes possible to comprehend the drama that has been developed by persons who wish to manipulate situation thus allowing them to contemplate on changing their perceptions or develop alternatives or substitute ideas (Pabich 5). A dramatization that is utilized by Burke seeks to ensure intricacy in the way people contemplate on various ideas or concepts developed by certain actions. Therefore, it cannot be considered that dramatization cause clarity rather it brings intricacy (Pabich 4). Theatrical actions enable individuals to think beyond their abilities thus developing possibilities. The development of various scenarios for a single case allows readers to be open-minded in the decisions they make implying that the pentad may change the way people deliberate on various issues (Pabich 4). Burke utilizes the symbolic action that brings numerous complications of certain situations through an interruption of the language in use. True dramatism can be realized through the utilization of theatrical terms that present conflicting thoughts for individuals involved. Thus, these actions taken are symbolical and assist persons to surpass their capabilities and achieve what seems improbable. 

Act: Abortion, which is a heinous sin against humanity
Scene: Social backgrounds
Agent: Fetus, which is considered as not an equal human being
Agency: Suction technology
Purpose: To satisfy their urgency concerning conceiving the child
Act: Give the unborn a chance to live as per God’s liking
Scene: Religious background
Agent: Fetus as a being with rights
Agency: Religion
Purpose: Protect life as stipulated by God concerning His creation