Professional Conflict at Workplace – Essay Example

The paper "Professional Conflict at Workplace" is an outstanding example of an essay on management. Colleagues and team members often put you in a certain situation, where one feels abandoned, mistreated, accused of false stances and most significantly a victim of discrimination and harassment. I have worked in a data entry department of a Saudi Arabian firm. In Saudi Arabia, segregation in offices is a common practice, thus; we (male/female) work in separate departments. My department is full of all types and variety of women especially the native ones. Our booth or cubical are small and we can hear each other quite easily. My neighboring booth was of a lady, who was melancholic and a bellyacher. She had complained of almost everything let it be work or her social life and this behavior often distracted others around her. Once, on an unfortunate day, I had to team up with her to enter full official data of a significant hospital. This was a significant and extensive task in which we had to enter all the data provided to us in an apt and efficient manner. Eventually, the resultant value did not match to the reports provided to us and instead of rechecking her work she started accusing me in front of all. Her strident commotion gained instant attention of our co-workers, but I remained proactive and started verifying her and my entries this made her more furious. Unlike her (accusing others of her mistakes), I started rechecking our work for possible mistakes. Simultaneously, the data entered by us was still with us, so we could rectify it easily instead of calling for serious and senior attention. However, she immediately walked into supervisor’s office and filed complain against me, depicting me as an inept worker who entered wrong data. Yet, she had been distracted whole day long, attended several calls during our work time and walked out of the booth for strolling around as well. The supervisor and I revised the whole data entered by her and me and eventually, we found out that she had entered wrong figures multiple times.