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Journal I will be soon graduating during the month of May and with the graduation deadlinecoming near I am already facing the state of happiness as well as sorrow. After graduating I will be returning back to my hometown and I will be having to quite United States Of America. I am quite depressed only by the thought of being alienated from the land where I was able to explore myself and realize my inner strengths. Being a student of United States’ prestigious educational institute I obtained the chance to explore myself throughout my educational period in United States and such an opportunity is not clearly available in educational institutes worldwide.

My teachers and instructors did not dictate what I had to do. Rather they allowed me to learn on my own. Furthermore, they encouraged me to speak and fight the fear of being wrong which used to hold me back and not allow me to speak. For example, while studying the book called Crank, I was asked about the importance of the book for adolescents. This allowed me to think what I believed will be the key take away of the program.

I soon realized that the book can be used as a guide for adolescents in order to inform them about the anti-social activities such as drug abuse (Hopkins 2). The ability and the chance to speak in front of a huge crowd and people with authority is something that I am going to miss about United States. What I won’t miss and what I disliked about being in United States was that all the people here do not welcome strangers from other nations and they feel threated.

Due to this they treat others in a harsh manner and this is something I do not want to keep in mind while I leave United States. Works CitedHopkins, Ellen. Crank. New York: Simon Pulse, 2004. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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