John Rawls Ethics – Essay Example

The paper "John Rawls Ethics" is an excellent example of a business essay. The reasoning procedure without personal biasness is called the veil of ignorance. The concept does not allow individuals to know facts about themselves, in terms of their position in the society; social status and class. Rawl states that maximizing justice forms the foundation of all social orders. He had to devise a philosophic that addresses fair justice notion. To accomplish this, John Rawl developed a veil of ignorance.  In the veil of ignorance, if a person has no idea where to fit in a political or social order, they need to make decisions with their least benefitted mind this is because they form part of them. Few individuals come up with decisions that benefit the high echelon of social order due to the veil of ignorance.
Behind this veil, one knows nothing about his natural abilities and their position in the society. One knows nothing about their nationality, individual tastes, race, or sex. Veil of ignorance concept acknowledges that individuals are simply free, rational, and morally equal beings. In the justice world, there will be differences in the natural distribution of natural abilities and assets and that there will be sex differences, culture, and race that will differentiate people from one another. The only safe guidelines and principles behind the concept will be the justice principles. This is because one does not know whether he will benefit or suffer from the institution's structure. The safest mechanisms and principles will offer the highest justice standard in the society. Therefore, every person has an equal right to the fundamental liberty with the same liberty for other people.