School Vouchers – Essay Example

The paper "School Vouchers" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. The key purpose of giving school vouchers to schoolchildren is to allow poor children to have access to good education, especially in private school. The scheme is not successful mainly due to transition complications. Transition to private school often is accompanied by many problems like shifting accommodation, transport problems including more cost and time, low academic performance because of a huge gap in the socio-economic status and class differences etc. Transition to private school becomes a big financial burden on the poor families because the schools are often located farther away and commuting costs are not covered by the vouches. Consequently, students are deprived of time which is used in computing and which could be constructively employed in completing homework or in extracurricular activities. Another factor is that even when the poor student gets relocated to new accommodation which is near to the private school, socio-economic problems and difficulty in adjusting within the mainstream student populace that belongs to higher strata of society adversely impacts than an academic performance of the students. It frequently creates low esteem amongst the poor students who join the school through ‘voucher scheme’ (Ladd, 8). Moreover, they are not able to cope up with homework as they do not have facilities at home like getting parent’s aid or computers and the internet which affects their quality of learning. Most importantly, heavy opposition from the teachers, administration etc. as also emerged as important issues that adversely influence the academic performance of the poor students who avail the education voucher.