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The paper “ Usability Testing Evaluation” is a well-turned example of an essay on information technology. The website usability is evaluated by measuring several aspects of usability as depicted in the testing procedures. The testers carried out the tasks described in the previous sections. Each tester was scored differently based on each task. It is important to note that each tester had different computing knowledge and experience in web browsing. This section discusses the findings and provides recommendations from the testing carried out on the website. The results are organized on the basis of each task. Finding information about the owner of Lings CarsIn evaluating this task, we observed the testers and recorded whether they were able to complete the task, the time they took to complete the task, errors made, and general comments and observation.

In this task, all testers were able to successfully complete the task within the shortest time. It took less than 1 minute for most of the testers to find information about the owner of Ling’ s cars. This is attributed to the fact that this information is found in the About Us page which is the first page after the home page. Hence, it was relatively easy to locate this information.

Essentially, this was one of the simplest tasks in the testing process and most testers did not make any errors. By simply clicking the about us page, the testers were able to obtain the information about the company ownership, address, and other details about the company. It was observed that only 1 tester (Tester 6, Jane Doe) who had relatively low knowledge and experience in web browsing took more than one minute to complete this task.

He specifically took two and a half minutes to complete the task and with no errors. Given these findings, it is recommended that the development team maintains the way this task is executed. We can conclude that it is easy to locate information about ownership of the business by one click. This should be maintained for easy navigation. Finding Information about how the leasing process works at Ling’ s Car website. This task involved finding information about how the leasing process works in the company through the website.

In this task, the testers were supposed to use their browsing knowledge and skills to find the information on the website. All testers were also able to complete this task and also took less time just like the first task. Five testers managed to complete the task in less than 1 minute. One tester took 1 and a half minutes while two took 2 minutes each. To carry out the task the testers needed to navigate to the button “ how it works” and obtain this information. The task did not need any complex or confusing steps as such.

Consequently, the testers made no significant errors. This is attributed to the fact that the testers were not required to key in or provide any information to the website. It is a simple click and views the task. Again tester no 6 (Jane Doe) took more time to complete the assignment for the same reason that she had little experience in web browsing as compared with the other testers. It took her approximately 2 minutes to complete this task but managed to successfully complete the task.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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