Race, Sex, Gender, and Other Ism Conversations – Essay Example

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The paper "Race, Sex, Gender, and Other Ism Conversations" is an outstanding example of an essay on category. Conversations of “ isms” serve to reinforce the beliefs and ideas of a particular society. They form part of social phenomena that can destroy or control lives. These phenomena work to establish standards of righteousness under which everyone is judged or defined.   According to Baldwin (2016), the society that we live in is culturally diverse. It is through interaction with people of diverse cultural background that we form and exhibit our cultural identity. My experience as a young adult was filled with a family conversation about gender, race, culture among other ‘ isms” .

I recall an instance where I would ask the elders about the importance of such conversations. Many at times, exploring societal- isms make people feel uncomfortable. Every day, society battles with prejudice. This act of dislike or bad feeling for a group or a person towards gender, sex, race, or culture often bring some sense of withdrawal towards the person this form of treatment is directed. A celebrated television anchor Edward R.

Murrow once said “ everyone is in a prison of his own experience. His assertion was right because these are some of the things individuals battle with. Take, for example, Florida shooting in which George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. This proves how the racism issue is spilling over into our broader culture, not only bubbling under the surface of our societal discourse. Race, sex, gender, and other ism conversations should be openly discussed as they have formed a basis for discrimination yet they should be used in celebration and appreciation of individual diversities.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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