Working in Group – Essay Example

The paper "Working in Group " is a brilliant example of an essay on English. I was particularly touched by the fact that the school or the college was diverse and served all people well. I found it difficult to move around the campus by myself because the buses for transport worked for specific hours in the morning alone. Thus, just being able to observe the things that happened in the natural environment without stress or hustle was most rewarding. However, I found it difficult to join together the fact about the different things in the school environment to make the whole assignment. For example, in some other instances and times, I found some services and things to be good and other very bad. So it was kind of difficult to join the two different extreme points of reality in a single assignment and document. While completing this assignment I learned to develop thoughts in a logical and flowing manner. This is where I start with the weak points then I build or grown my essay to stronger points. As much as it was difficult to join the two different realities in the school environment I learned that I must sort and differentiate the two different things from the bad things and the goods things. The bad ones I learned to put them in a different part away from the good things. As a member of the group, I learned to share and engage other people so as to learn from them. Whenever a person or a friend had a point or a suggestion, I learned that it was good to give him or her time and space to explain the point. If I do not agree with the point, I learned to raise the issue in a respectful manner. So I appreciated the work of each of the five people differently.