Anxiety Disorder – Essay Example

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The paper "Anxiety Disorder" is a great example of a psychology essay. I always thought that anxiety disorder was something very drastic – it could kill a person. My thinking was based upon the assumptions that people around me have for this disorder. However, when I studied about this ailment, I found out that anxiety disorder is not such a big issue to start with. It comprised of problems which stemmed from the depression habits that a person can at any stage in his life. This indeed mars the very basis of his personality.

Thus the manner in which the whole study came in front of me was a surprise in essence. I found out that the problem with anxiety disorder was not of such a huge proportion as people used to take it. I had this friend of mine who used to fear that he could die of anxiety disorder and thus always remained cheerful even when he was sad and gloomy. One day the doctor told him he suffered from anxiety disorder and thus he needed to take some medicines and have peace within his life.

When I studied about anxiety disorder on the Internet and other material available from the doctors, I found this was not the case. He was being hysterical for no reason at all. I told him that his thinking was wrong, to begin with. I sat with him and told him everything that I had researched by then. Anxiety disorder was just a kind of disorder and nothing else. It would go away with time and patience. Also, the patient needed to be strong and show commitment to getting back – better.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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