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The paper "LoveSac Company" is a delightful example of a business essay. My overall impression of the founding and growth of LoveSac is positive. The article is written in a manner that highlights the quirky nature of the founding and branding of the company. The article did not attempt to hide the mistakes and missteps the founder Shawn David Nelson in developing the product and managing the company. The article actually played up to the oddities surrounding the company. There is much to admire about the founding of LoveSac.

The first thought I had upon completion of the story is that Shawn David Nelson was blessed with two very important things. First, he possesses a vast amount of determination. Nothing kept this individual down. Through brains and hustle, he was able to score incredible prices from fabric suppliers and major retailers. He did not quit when the foam shredder would not work properly. He continued to work even through national disasters, such as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the destruction of his major foam supplier’ s factory.

These events hurt his profits, but he did not allow them to end his business. The second thing he was blessed with was lots of support. Where would he have been if he didn’ t have three college buddies working in a basement for several months to fill the Red Bull order, or if he didn’ t have a mother that was willing to let him trash her sewing machine as a result of his creative process? Determination and support are the two biggest factors I can see in the success of the LoveSac Company.

It is very easy for me to critique decisions made at LoveSac because I have the benefit of hindsight. But the one thing I think I would change is the current shift to more traditional looking modular furniture. It looks too much like furniture you would find in any furniture store. To keep the funky vibe LoveSac is known for, the innovation needs to not be so mainstream looking.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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