The Impact of the Internet on Education – Essay Example

The paper "The Impact of the Internet on Education" is an exceptional example of an educational essay.
There has been such a great advancement in the field of education. The Internet has brought about huge changes in the development of knowledge. Rapid advancement in technology may pose issues and challenges to the educational institutions when services rendered become obsolete after a specific period of time. It provides rapid, efficient and fast information and establishing contact with everyone. (Metin Yaman, 2007)
The biggest advantage of online internet learning is the level of interactivity with the students. It enables students to share their ideas and views virtually like posting a question/suggestion on the internet. Students participate in the learning process and receive individual attention which makes the web based training modules very effective. Distance learning through internet also helps many universities in cost reduction but at the same time web based teaching requires effective training modules. The main concerns include psychological reactions to the new way of teaching and learning as many students have a fear of technology. There are some students who make use of this new tool and use this as an opportunity to mold their abilities. There are others who have a very low level of internet knowledge while some students struggle and feel very insecure without a teacher. Hence the success or failure depends on how well the student’s leverage over the web based course. Interaction and engaging with the students will help in ensuring a comprehensive web based training system. Java applets are the most phenomenal way of interactive process and these applets help in creating interactive games and multimedia application. Flashlight project develops cost analysis, interview plans and other procedures that can be used to monitor the success of online internet educational strategies. (Hossein Arsham, 2002)
Web based training is more efficient and effective in the learning process since the learner is actively participating in the knowledge process. It is the responsibility of the educator to take more initiatives to campaign for comprehensive web based training which would facilitate motivation and positive outcomes. The effectiveness of any web based education depends on how technology has integrated with the instruction and also how the teachers evaluate the student’s performance. (Hossein Arsham, 2002)