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The paper “ Considerations to Be Met When Designing the Mobile Commerce Page” is an impressive variant of an essay on information technology.   There are currently more than three billion mobile phone users in the world, while a thousand are being added into the service per minute. With figures of over 700 million of these mobile phone users using their mobile phones to browse the internet, representing thirty percent of the total mobile phone owners population, mobile web browsing may be well on its way to becoming the next internet platform that is most dominant.

With most companies having noticed this growing trend, they have equipped themselves with a mobile website to ensure that they maximize the potential profits that are presented by this mobile opportunity. As much as most people might want to assume that the mobile website is a passing fad, it is actually more of a necessity and might even prove to be the new standard in internet technology. This report is going to look into the considerations that should be put in place when developing a mobile website that is specifically designed for music downloads. Mobile CommerceMobile commerce has been on the rise in the world today and it is also known by several different titles such as M-Commerce or even mCommerce, and it involves the use of mobile devices to conduct commercial activities.

Such mobile devices could include; a mobile phone, a Smartphone, a personal digital assistant, or other mobile equipment that might emerge from the ever-changing innovative world of technology (Tiwari & Buse 2007). Thus Mobile commerce involves the transactions that may involve transferring of rights of ownership or even the rights that are involved in the use of goods and services, which are completed by the aid of a mobile device, via networks that are mediated by the use of computers (Tiwari & Buse 2007). There are a number of products and services that are available for use within the mobile commerce platform.

Some of these products and services include; mobile ticketing, where tickets may be sent to mobile devices by using various technologies, where the users are then able to use their tickets immediately upon presentation of the mobile device to the appropriate authority at the venue.

Loyalty cards, vouchers, and coupons can also be distributed by the use of mobile commerce, and are represented by a virtual coupon on the mobile device (Tiwari & Buse 2007). The emergence of mobile commerce has also seen an emergence of location-based service, where the location of the mobile device user is an important piece of information as it aids in the provision of certain services such as the tracking of certain people and even their monitoring, the weather conditions of a certain area can be transmitted to these mobile devices and the availability of certain discount offers within the locality of the mobile device user (Tiwari & Buse 2007). Information services that vary can also be delivered to the owners of these mobile devices, in the same manner, that personal computer users receive information.

The informational services that can be provided include stock quotes, financial recordings, news, sports scores, and traffic reporting. Traffic information that has been customized on account of the travel patterns of the mobile device user can be sent to the customers who have subscribed to these services on their mobile devices.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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