Interior Design Theory – Essay Example

The paper "Interior Design Theory" is a great example of an essay on design and technology. Since immemorial interior designers have adopted a particular technique for decorating houses. This seems to conform to specific standards which create concord in designing houses by different designers. Though designers may use different colors and patterns, the structures portray some similarities in their appearance. The nature of decorations used by interior designers expresses cultural values and personal feelings about the current or past events. 
The designers maintain particular fashion regardless of the structure of the designs they use. However, the fashion they use must face the taste of the occupants. This is because the occupant’s appreciation of the fashion gives the decorations credibility. If the owners of the house feel that a certain color or other factors are outdated then they will appreciate such a fashion and will not be much use to them.
The designs used by interior designers should meet consumer preference. What the occupant’s of a room like should be incorporated in the design to make the occupants comfortable living in the place. The difference in structures and materials used by designers portrays individual taste and preferences.
The nature of designs used by interior designers should correspond to structure themselves. This is because many people believe that certain structures should be designed in a particular way. 
Therefore, the value attached to interior designs changes from time to time. Some designs are considered outdated and this makes the uses less appreciative to such designs. Designs also vary with culture. Some people would like their rooms designed in a way that they will portray some aspects of their culture or other historical events.