ChevronTexaco in Nigeria – Essay Example

The paper "ChevronTexaco in Nigeria " is a delightful example of an essay on business. There are two sides to Mr. O’Reilly’s statement and one can only partly agree with what he had said. Although, he may be right in saying that the company cannot take place of the government and it should be the government which should work on the betterment of people. But looking at the situation in Nigeria which is a poor country with the corrupt political system, ChevronTexaco cannot escape itself from the blame. Although, Mr. O’Reilly’s company has given the Nigerian government about $34 million for community development, however, this money has been disappeared in the corrupt political system of Nigeria. This not only the government’s fault, but some responsibility also falls on ChevronTexaco. They should have used better means to channel out this fund so that the fund reaches the poor Nigerian. Similarly, the company has been guilty of building a plant, which is like heaven, whereas, Nigerian are even deprived of the basic needs of life. Mr. O’Reilly cannot just blame the government for this, his company is also at fault by giving out low-paid jobs to Nigerians and making them feels second-class-citizen. This is really bad from the ethical viewpoint also because according to the utilitarian theory good decision are only made when they produce more benefits than harms. However, in this situation, the community is suffering and only a few people such as ChevronTexaco’s shareholders, employees and other people related to the firm are benefitting. This means that the majority is being exploited and the company should feel it’s responsibility and take a countermeasure to benefit the entire community and stop blaming the government.