How to Make Biryani with Chicken – Essay Example

The paper "How to Make Biryani with Chicken" is a wonderful example of an essay on family and consumer science. Every part of the world has its own special foods. The U.S.A. is famous for its steaks, Chile for its beef whereas Japan is renowned for its sushi. Staple foods differ from country to country, even from state to state in a large country by size like the U.S.A. or by ethnic differences like India. The western countries prefer wheat to rice, while it is the opposite in the Orient, where rice is eaten twice a day. The best rice in the world comes from India and Pakistan−the famous Basmati. Basmati is an aromatic, fragrant, long grain, slender rice, and has a unique nutty flavor. ‘Basmati’, is a Hindi term, means ‘queen of fragrance’. It has been exported all around the world for centuries. Most traditional rice dishes in the Arab countries are cooked with Basmati rice imported from India. To obtain the correct aroma and flavor of Basmati rice, proper aging is required to reduce its moisture content, a very delicate operation. This is why Basmati is chosen to make all types of Biryanis, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. India itself has a great many types of Biryani. The Kashmiri Bhuna Ghost (Kashmiri Roasted Mutton) Biryani is the legacy of the Mughal rulers in Kashmir. Lucknow in central Uttar Pradesh is famous for the Awadhi Biryani. Hyderabadi Biryani is a fiery dish that came down from the Nizam’s kitchen, the Memoni Biryani (people from the area between Sindh Gujarat and Pakistan) is extremely spicy, while the Sindhi Mutton Biryani is amazingly succulent on the taste buds, according to Jyotiraditya (2009).  Since most of India is vegetarian; they have their vegetable Biryani cooked in much the same manner, using a variety of vegetables including exotica like cilantro and broccoli to the simple potato, brinjal, cauliflower, and okra. But whatever the ingredients mixed and cooked with Basmati rice be, Biryani will remain Biryani, leaving gourmets drooling. Biryani is one of the most incredible and delicious dishes that anyone can serve. It was first known in India in the fourteenth century but has spread far and wide since then. The Arabs also started to make their version of Biryani as delicious as Indian Biryani, once they got to know what its secrets were. There are several ways to make Biryani, but what must be emphasized here is the rice and spices used in its preparation, where the rice is the main ingredient and the spices are the secret of the taste. Biryani can be made with chicken, meat or vegetables; some people even make it with their own ingredients. But the rice cannot change-it has to be pure grade Basmati rice, with its unique intoxicating aroma and flavor. 1 – Wash the rice and then soak it in warm water for about 30 minutes. 2 – Soak the saffron in the milk for about 10 minutes. 3 – In a medium-sized stockpot, put 4 cups of water and add the cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, and salt. Let it boil, and then add the rice. 4 – Lower the heat and cover the stockpot very carefully. Let it simmer for 40 minutes before the rice is well cooked. Now take out the bay leaves and the cardamom. 1 – In an average-sized wok, heat the oil, add the almonds and cashew nuts and cook them until they become golden in color. Now take them out of the oil and set them aside. 2 – Now put in the sliced onion and cook it until it becomes golden in color and then set it aside. 

Making the Chicken Mixture:
In the same wok:
1 – Add the minced onion
2 –Add the ginger.
3− Add the garlic.
4− Cook them till they become golden or brown in color.
5 – Add the minced peppers.
6 – Add the chicken and stir everything well until the chicken is half-cooked.
7 – Add the curry spices, salt, black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, and chili.
8 – Add the yogurt.
9 – Mix these ingredients thoroughly.
10 – Cover the wok and leave it for about 15 minutes for the chicken to simmer, while the remaining sauce becomes thick.
Layering the dish:
In an average-sized stockpot:
1 – Put in the lower half of the rice.
2 – Distribute the chicken mixture over it.
3 – Pour the mint.
4 – Put in the rest of the rice.
5− Heat the milk and saffron, and then pour it over the rice.
6 – Cover the stockpot and leave it on very low heat for about 20 minutes.
7 – Fluff up the rice deftly.
8 – Place servings on a plate.
9 – Distribute the onions and nuts evenly on the top layer.
10 – Sprinkle the green coriander over the dish and serve it hot.
Biryani has a long list of ingredients. However, a few supermarkets offer some Biryani’s mixtures which have most of the spices and ingredients pre-mixed and called Biryani Masala. The taste may not be as nice as when you make it yourself but some of them taste fairly good. You don’t have to follow the instructions about the ingredients to a T; you can increase or decrease the amount of some of them as you like, as long as you cook something that tastes good. After all, taste is on the tongue of the eater, to coin a phrase.
I have shown you how to cook just one type of Biryani. However, there are several different types that are the specialties of different areas in and around Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. These differ from each other in that they could well have more or fewer ingredients. You can try cooking it your own way if you like, but always keep in mind that it is the body and the spices that are the secret of the Biryani.