Use of Instagram in Marketing – Essay Example

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The paper "Use of Instagram in Marketing" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. Research has indicated that the use of Instagram for business purposes among companies has increased over time. Many companies have adopted the concept of using images and pictures to facilitate the marketing of their goods and services (http: //www. socialmediaexaminer. com, n.p). To begin with, the introduction of Instagram profiles in mobile devices has created a perfect opportunity for companies to market their goods apart from just mobile phones. On the other hand, Instagram creates a platform for contests, with specific regard to pictures and images: This is important owing to the fact that it has created a platform for companies to engage their clients through encouraging their clients to use certain hashtags in the process of the contest to tag their pictures and images (http: //www. socialmediaexaminer. com, n.p).

In addition, companies have increased their marketing activities on Instagram through posting pictures and rewarding their audience through promotion codes. The concept of rewarding audience is perceived as measures of attraction in order ensure that clients come for more. Consequently, companies have also used Instagram lately as a means to get the ideas and views of their clients regarding their products and services.

This can be undertaken by posting topics of discussions regarding a specific product or service by a company thus eliciting comments from different clients (http: //www. socialmediaexaminer. com, n.p).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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