Operations Manager of Fast Food Company – Essay Example

The paper "Operations Manager of Fast Food Company" is an excellent example of an essay on English. The interview was involved seeking information from the Operations Manager of Fast Food Company in regard to various issues ascribed to the industry. The Operations Manager indicated that the position of an operations manager requires a person, who is keen to details and has a great sense of understanding of various economic, social as well as environmental issues. Moreover, she asserted that being an operation manager requires a person with proper inter-personal as well as communication skills. There are various challenges that are faced by the Operations Manager of Fast Food Companies; however, the interviewee asserted that such challenges vary from one Fast Food Company to another. Most of these challenges as described by the Manager are attributed to the high levels of competition and ever-changing modus operandi among hotel industry compelling Operation Managers to constantly update their managerial skills. The interview provided me with an opportunity to learn various issues ascribed to the roles of Fast Food Industry Operations Manager. One of the lessons learned is that Operations Managers may be subjected to mental stress especially when their duties are not properly undertaken or when their Hotels perform poorly. Additionally, appropriate inter-personal skills are managerial traits that are needed in almost every industry. I believe that these challenges would provide me with an opportunity to apply my researching skills in the process of identifying solutions for perceived challenges.