Industrial-Organizational Psychology – Essay Example

The paper "Industrial-Organizational Psychology" is a delightful example of an essay on psychology. Qualitative and quantitative research design is commonly used in the field of psychology. In a quantitative approach, it helps in understanding psychological knowledge of data and that can be manipulated mathematically in the form of numbers (Landy and Conte, 20016). They further suggested that qualitative research deals with flow diagrams for illustrations and even narratives that contribute to the description of events (Landy and Conte, 20016). Quantitative research design often deals with measurements of data eg counts, or even the measurement of more complex operations that include a scale of psychology. For example, I/O psychologists have come up [with a way of self-report measures called job satisfaction. Therefore scientists should come up with ideas that enable the public to critique their work and open to the public. I/O psychologists have come up with a wide range of quantitative approach to measure the differences in the degree of interest such as intellectual, work attitude, personality, etc. they also focus on the theory aspect of it, they come up with relationships that involve testing, the results give scientific preview about the presence or a relationship or even the absence of interest at large (Landy and Conte, 20016). Psychologists can use quantitative research to get a clue about what is happening in the federal states and local government. They determine, measurements, statistics and evaluate programs at research centers and colleges or universities. Qualitative research can be done mostly to know how the team in an organization are coping individually or with the other team members. This is where a psychologist in an industrial organization interview the team members on how they cooperate with others, in case they seek some assistance and how often their leaders interact with them. This practice would lead to changes in the way the organization operates its way of hiring their workers. Scientific research has proven to be one of the most important approaches applied by organizations due to their competency. It helps to come up with solutions to problems facing these organizations and even come up with theory and problems that the organizations may meet along the way. Business persons use their experience to deal with these problems, but on the other hand, a professional I/O person uses the plenty of information found from writings by scientists to solve such issues affecting the organization.