Industrial Hygiene and Confined Spaces – Essay Example

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The paper "Industrial Hygiene and Confined Spaces" is a great example of an essay on management.   Workplace safety is critical. Caution must be taken all the time and employees are entitled to protective gears to ensure there are no injuries or damages in the workplace. The mandate of the supervisor is to ensure employees are not exposed to toxic chemicals and gases while at work. In the scenario, the supervisor is giving the employees the wrong information. In every confined space any assumptions are not tolerated. The supervisor is giving the employees a go ahead based on the assumptions that there might be some toxic gases.

This is fatal considering the danger the employees are exposed. Arguably this can be considered as negligence and the supervisor is at liberty to provide accurate information on the things the employees will face. The respirator used is in place to give the workers avenue to breathe well when working. However, the supervisor saying that the residual toxic gas is not harmful is wrong. I think the supervisor should ascertain first the condition of the place before allowing the employees to enter.

The scenario regarding employee related outsider is unfortunate. According to Goetsch (2015), occupational safety and health programs help in improving the organizational sustainability by ensuring there is continues improvement. The employer is at fault considering there was no taking into account of workplace rules when a visitor wants to see an employee during working hours. Directing the visitor to the employee workstation is a breach of workplace rules since visitors should always wait at the visitors’ bay. Additionally, the security of the firm should check all visitors before being allowed into the premise (Goetsch, 2015).

Despite not knowing the relation between the husband and wife domestic issues, an employee must observe safety measures by first informing the person visited that there was a visitor

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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