Declaration of Independence of the USA – Essay Example

The paper "Declaration of Independence of the USA" is a wonderful example of a history essay. The proclamation of the declaration of independence was preceded by much wrangling and debate as to the nature of the declaration that was to be signed as well as the insistence of the colonies to have their say in the document that was eventually produced. First, there was the issue of whether the end point of the war would be independence or a dominion status with the British. To quote from the article, The Rocky Revolution, “BY THE SUMMER of 1776, the patience of many congressmen had been sorely tried by bitter wrangling over the question of whether or not to declare independence. Many of the legislators thought it nonsensical to fight a war for any purpose other than independence, yet others disagreed”.
Next, there was the issue of the drafting of the declaration of independence with bitter disputes about the contents of the draft and how it should be worded by taking everybody’s sensibilities into account. As the article, Making sense of Fourth of July states, “Once independence had been adopted, Congress again formed itself into a Committee of the Whole. It then spent the better part of two days editing the draft declaration submitted by its Committee of Five, rewriting or chopping off large sections of text”.
It would appear from these accounts that the founding fathers, most notably Thomas Jefferson and John Adams would have had a hard time convincing their peers that it was in their interest to form a union and that there was no better way to achieve this than by all of the states coming together. However, the fact that there was a civil war in the century succeeding the declaration of independence makes it clear that some of the debate and hand wrangling was never fully resolved and that it took a civil war to settle the issue of unionists versus secessionists.