Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making – Essay Example

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The paper "Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making" is an excellent example of an essay on management. Critical thinking is the ability to engage in clear thinking about what to do by use of intelligence, knowledge, and skills. Critical thinking skills are used to conduct and plan projects, solve problems and make an informed decision using appropriate tools and resources. Decision making mainly involves management and leadership. These issues are solved by defining the problem and verifying your understanding of the problem and thereafter look at the potential cause of the problem and these leads to answering the where, when, how, with, whom, and why questions.

Identifying alternatives to solve and select an approach to resolve is always chosen after the problem is fully understood. Plan implementation is always the best alternative to deal with problem-solving and decision making. Respect is a feeling shown towards someone or something that's considered necessary and important, at my workplace I always ensure that I equally respect everyone no matter the age, sex, race or religion.   Respecting my colleagues at work to ensure the smooth running of activities and a conducive working environment, my juniors at work also deserve respect from me despite the fact that I am senior to them I should equally respect them.   up Communication should be highly valued at one's workplace.

I have to mind how I talk to my seniors and juniors at work; it ensures that messages are conveyed correctly with no distorting of information. Time is an essential factor that’ s mainly associated with success; punctuality creates a reliable working site. I should ensure that I am punctual in arriving at my working place.

Punctuality provides that I plan all the activities of the day early; it also enables me to fulfill and meet all my plans for the day and avoiding canceling plans. .showing up late on my working place leads to destructions of my plan schedule and it may also lead to my boss doubting how I carry out my work.     Honesty is an element that I always ensure that I work with at all cost. It's a virtue that ensures that I still avail what I should.

With no information left behind it always provides and creates a free environment full of trust and reliability to work with at any time. the three things mentioned above still help me meet my expectations at work and also the aspirations of my colleagues at work (Strom-Gottfried, 2014). My strengths in communication are that I can express myself well, I can show my feelings towards certain issues at my job to my colleagues and talk about all the challenges that I have with my colleagues these helps me face my challenges with confidence.

Communication helps me create a good relationship at my working place these help them build trust with them and enabling work to run smoothly. As I take time to plan all the activities of the day; I divide them into sections to make work easier, once I divide them into sections I can work on them easily since I allocate time to each section these enable me to work on them professionally. I always deliver my best to reach my goal, I  at times sacrifice my time to ensure that I reach my goals to produce the best.

I have to maintain my ethical standards at all times and in all situations, my ethical standards should be high all times.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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