Egypt, the Land of Pyramids – Essay Example

The paper "Egypt, the Land of Pyramids " is a good example of a tourism essay. When you plan a tour that you are sure to undertake, your purse would probably decide where to go. However, that’s not the case when you have to imagine going somewhere; there are no limits to imagination. A trip for me should be exotic, something right out of a movie set; and that can only be only place – the land of pyramids, Egypt. Why does history, which is inherently dead and static, excite us? Perhaps it is the huge feeling of connectivity with our past and a gentle desire to be swept of our feet in awe. I have always wanted to travel on a camel with vast stretches of sand on either side, cloaked and hooded like a modern-day Lawrence of Arabia! I would start my tour in Cairo, the city of a thousand minarets. Here, I would simply want to sit and observe as the people stride by me as I absorb in the rich culture of Egypt, which over the course of the millennia has absorbed in Native, Greek, Roman, European and Arab elements. How would these people have integrated into each other? I am truly curious to see the net sum of all these cultures. With me would be my best friend Reilly- he already knows so much about Egypt. Plus, with him around, I am sure never to feel bored for even a minute. From Cairo, we would move south to Luxor to see the great Temple of Karnak and from there to Aswan to see the Abu Simbel. Both are marvelous testaments to Egyptian history; Reilly and I would spend hours looking at the intricate carvings on the wall. After these two temples, we would want to go to Thebes and then Memphis, both of which were once the capital of Egypt. But more than anything else I want to see the vast oases in the middle of the Sahara desert, which I hear are often the size of small cities. In Egypt, I am reminded forever of Einstein who stated that “most captivating is the mysterious”!