Incorporation of the Mexican Culture – Essay Example

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The paper "Incorporation of the Mexican Culture " is a delightful example of an essay on culture. I am of Mexican culture and in our culture, being social and humble helps in defining me. It means most of my art classes often incorporate making books out of cloth while incorporating family issues through folk art traditions. Similarly, the family page in my book comprises a group of myself, a girl, my mother, dad, and brother. However, it is notable to observe that family is important especially if they appear baby blue in terms of color according to our Mexican culture.

On the same account, in terms of representing our culture, it did a skull for a day of the dead; an important aspect of defining my identity as a Mexican. Incorporation of the Mexican culture means our family is resilient in sticking to the hard times by sticking together. In my art, I also try to depict the challenges affecting families because of the ceremonial events that are characterized by linear patterns or three-dimensional ceramics. I did most of these art events in school through co-opting of different styles that are critical in Mexican fine arts to incorporate folk themes, historic, and socio-economic issues (McManus 2014, 83).

Alternatively, the infusion of religious art in my school work has revealed the closeness of my family because we are devout Catholics. Therefore, the representation of altars as part of the domestic culture is a powerful tool for me since it illustrates the wider relationship I have with the church. Overall, my identity is strongly attached to the Mexican culture and its artistic differences that have values and norms.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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