Contemporary Icons – Essay Example

The paper "Contemporary Icons" is a great example of an essay on culture.
The three contemporary icons I will analyze here are some of the most famous personalities of their respective fields whose success and fame have made them international icons in today’s world. They are J. K. Rowling, Rowan Atkinson and Bill Gates.
J. K. Rowling is a scholastic icon of today’s fictional world. She is the author of the well-known Harry Potter series. She has proved her competence by portraying the fictional world in such a superb way that one starts believing in the fantasies created by her. The war between good and evil keeps the reader stuck to the book until the very end. I chose J. K. Rowling as an icon because she has inspired me through her hard struggle to reach this fame. She was anonymous when she started off as a writer but her constant struggle has led her to the pathway of success so much so that she is considered to be one of the richest female icons in the world of literature.
The second icon I chose is Rowan Atkinson, the person performing the very famous character and love of all hearts, Mr Bean. Though this British comedian has played a variety of roles and has written a large number of sitcoms, none brought such fame to him as the sitcom, Mr Bean, did. The cartoon animated series is what keeps young kids crazy for him. Atkinson has brought lively colours to the otherwise dull and stressful lives of the viewers, and that is why he means a lot to me.
The third icon I chose is Bill Gates, the legend of the technology world who is the Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corporation. He is considered to be one of the wealthiest persons in the world. Starting as an entrepreneur, Gates travelled a long way to reach this status. He was born in a normal middle-class family but was always curious about technological advances as a student. I chose him as an icon because brainy people always inspire me. His constant learning and struggling have made him a legendary icon of the tech world.