Equality and Justice – Essay Example

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The paper "Equality and Justice" is a wonderful example of a social science's essay. Vacationing at my aunt’ s place was both an enjoyable as well as a learning experience for me. We would sit around the fire, as each would tell stories or some experience they had heard of. My cousins and I enjoyed these sessions as each one would come up with one interesting tale after another. On one such occasion, my aunt told us of a beautiful story which had taken place during her days in the boarding school.

Her story was about a girl named Josephine who studied with her but came from a very poor background. Her father was a gardener in the school and her mother a bricklayer. She lived in a poor hut with her other four brothers and her parents. Being a girl, the parents requested the Headmistress and Superior of the school Mother Rosemary to give their daughter Josephine a seat in the school. Her parents being uneducated could not help Josephine in her studies, but her resilience carried her forward from class to class in flying colors.

Josephine’ s classmates loved her a lot because of her down- to- earth attitude and her willingness to help others who were poor in their studies. By sheer determination and with a winner’ s attitude, Josephine went on to pass the 12th grade with a first class. When the Superior asked her what she wanted to become she said she wanted to be a doctor. Mother Rosemary and the rest of the staff were shocked at the answer because they knew the amount of money that was needed to earn a doctor’ s degree.

After much debating and discussing, it was decided that the school would pay for her studies by getting some good sponsors for her. Josephine seemed to have all the luck as many people came forward to help, seeing that she was one of the best students. She shone brilliantly in college and came out after earning her Doctor’ s Degree. She is presently working in one of the best hospitals and continues helping others. This story has taught me that, if an opportunity is given to the right people, wonders can take place as in the case of Josephine.

All are equal in the eyes of God no matter what their caste, religion, color or background. By continuing to help other less fortunate in the society, she has done justice to her education.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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