Symbol of Mockingjay: The Hunger Games – Essay Example

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The paper "Symbol of Mockingjay: The Hunger Games" is a perfect example of an essay on literature. In Panem, Mockingjays have manifested symbolism standing for rebellion and defiance. In the Capitol, the Mockingjay pin means being a rebel. The bird was a hybrid of mockingbirds and jabber jays produced mistakenly in a failed experiment aimed at spying on the rebels. However, this failure made the Mockingjay a symbol of their failure. Thus, when Katniss Everdeen wore a Mockingjay pin in 74h Hunger games, the Capitol got furious. The Capitol considered it as a symbol of failure that is why rebels used it as a symbol for themselves.

Katniss became ‘ Mockingjay’ and she led the rebels in their struggle. She called Mockingjays “ a slap in the face” (Collins 141). These words express the importance of the symbol before a rebel fighter. The symbol gives the rebels a passion and motivation in their effort and reinvigorates the zeal for their struggle (Henthorne 104).   The Mockingjay symbol also symbolizes relationships. In the novel, Mockingjay also depicts a link between Katniss and Rue. Both of them use birds to communicate.

Rue was a music lover and Mockingjays were special about their skills of singing, this ability developed a close association between Mockingjay and Rue. After the death of Rue, Katniss uses flowers to decorate her body and to defy Capitol. Mockingjay holds a special place in before Katniss also because of her father attachments with the birds. Katniss symbolizes Mockingjay in communication when she is followed by a Mockingjay as she looks for Peeta, “ a Mockingjay lands on a scruffy tree and begins to mimic my tones” (Collins 247).

Hence, Mockingjay also relates relationships in the novel. However, besides the sentimental attachment of Katniss with Mockingjay, the bird always remains a symbol of rebellion and revenge. Question: How does the Mockingjay symbolize hope in the Hunger Games and what hope meant for the rebellion?

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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