How the Internet Influences Our Society – Essay Example

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The paper "How the Internet Influences Our Society" is a perfect example of an essay on social science. The internet has led to many impacts on global society. The Internet has influenced human life in many different aspects like education, the social aspect, and the health and care aspect. The influences of the internet are both positive and negative in society. There is a need to control the use of the internet in society. In this regard, therefore, this essay will discuss the main influences of the internet on human life in society. To start with, the internet has influenced education positively and negatively.

The Internet has improved educational levels since the students can conduct research online. This has made education easy since a lot of information can be found online without visiting books and libraries (Dutton et al 2002). Moreover, the internet has helped students to personalize their learning schedule. This is in the context that the students can learn online without attending physical classes. This improves the skills of students who work and at the same time learn since they can learn online.

In addition, it has contributed to the development of cities because the internet has helped to create jobs that have attracted many students to travel to cities to search for jobs (Wilhem 2011). The negative impact of the internet on education is that it makes students become less attentive to their lecturers. This is because they know they can access the information from the internet. The students have also become fond of browsing even when the teacher is lecturing thus lowering the attention of the student.

The internet has also led to cheating cases. The students can send their personal work to friends to copy or the students can copy and paste other people’ s work from the internet hence increased cheating cases (Wilhem 2011). On the other hand, the internet has influenced the social aspect of individuals in society. The positive social impact is that it has improved social life. This is because it has helped to improve living standards by lowering the poverty levels and also increasing leisure time. It has created jobs for society thus improving the living standards (Younkins 2000).

Communication has also been made easier because individuals can easily interact with social sites like Twitter and Facebook.   This has improved the sharing of information in the society hence improved communication among individuals despite the distances apart.                                                                       The negative impact of the internet on society in terms of social aspect is that it has led to an addiction to phones. Many individuals in society have been addicted to phones which have led to neglecting other things due to lack of effective concentration. This is because students are fond of interacting and in this effect, they spend most of their time connecting with other people and this affects the concentration span of the individuals.

This addiction has changed the way of life of society especially the youth who practice the Western they learn through the internet (Birdwell 2007). In addition, the internet has also influenced health and social care in society. The positive impact has led to improved human health. This is because individuals can learn from the internet on better ways to keep the body hygienically fit (Wender 2014).

By accessing the health information which is valid and reliable, individuals are able to improve their health by upholding health care practices. However, the internet also has negative effects on the health and care of human life.   The first disease is that it leads to failing memory in an individual. From the studies which have been conducted, it has been found that being addicted to the phone screens and making long calls can lead to multitasking which affects memory (Hughes 2004). Internet addiction has also led to strained vision.

Hearing loss is another disease caused by internet-related influence. The ear is prone to wear and tear (Wender 2014). In this regard when a mobile phone is used for long it can lead to wear and tear of the ear hence affecting the hearing capacity of the ear. In this regard, therefore, internet influence has led to an increased number of body disorders hence affecting the health of the individuals. Conclusion The Internet has had many influences on the lives of individuals in society. The internet has affected the daily human life in various aspects such as educational aspect, social and health, and care aspects.

This has changed the way people live in society either positively or negatively. In this regard, therefore, there is a need to manage the use of the internet in society to avoid negative impacts it has encouraged in society.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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