How Human Affect Climate Change – Essay Example

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This paper "How Human Affect Climate Change" is a good example of an essay on environmental studies. Human beings engage in many activities that lead to a change in the climate. Some of these activities are done with the aim of generating income. These activities lead to a change that alters the weather condition of a place which in the long run affect climate. Activities by human change the atmospheric conditions of the earth leading to an effect on the climate. What are the human factors affecting climate? According to Ruddiman, (2003, 261), human activities lead to the release of toxic gases that affect the natural environment and temper with the atmosphere.

These gases when emitted to the sky they become harmful and damage the ozone layer. The damage leads to an increase in temperature because there is nothing left to trap the heat. The temperature rises and leads to a change in climate because of some vegetation dry and the earth surface is left bare. Bare surface, in the long run, leads to drought and desertification. William, (2005, 108) says that burned fossils and natural gases also lead to a change in the climate.

This activities by human beings lead to an increase in temperature. High temperatures damage the environment and even kill plant and organisms that are important on the earth. This effect leads to alteration on the climate of a particular place that has high emission of those harmful gases. According to Malhi, (2008, 169) deforestation is a major contributor to climate change. It happens in many forms for example clearance by the farmer in order to practice farming, cutting logs and clearing forests to set up ranches.

The activity entails clearing many trees which poses a threat to forests and their importance to the society. Deforestation contributes to the emission of toxic gases into the sky through the burning of the forest material and the plant material remaining that is rotting. In conclusion, human beings should address climate change by reducing the emission of harmful gases into the air. They should also come up with strategies that will help curb the problem of climate change for example by practising afforestation.

It is clearly evident that human greatly contributes to the changes in climate.    

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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