Money and Education – Essay Example

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The paper "Money and Education" is an outstanding example of a social  science essay. There are cases in which people stop their education halfway through and will go after something else. They will realize the importance of education only after some time. During the adolescent or youth period, people will be attracted by so many things if they are guided to the proper path. They will sacrifice their studies in order to attain something. “ Money often costs too much” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). In my case because of the dipping world economy and family financial problems, I thought it is better to make some money rather than wasting time in education.

But wisdom finally led me to continue my studies. This decision actually changed my life a lot. In society and even in the family, only the educated persons are well respected. The society will hear the words of the educated better than the others. Only the educated person can handle the challenges posed from the society and the family. The good education will provide me an opportunity to get good jobs and thereby ample money also.

Though the aim of education is not limited to getting good jobs, it can certainly help me to live up to the expectations of society. If I have given up the education, then nobody will consider me as a good or valuable citizen. My children will also feel inferiority among other children whose parents are well educated. So finally considering all the aspects discussed above I decided to continue my education for a better future not only for me but for my family, children and the society also and I am really happy now about such a good decision I took at a critical time of my life.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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