Why Is Food Significant to Cultural Background – Essay Example

The paper "Why Is Food Significant to Cultural Background" is a wonderful example of a cultural essay. Food is one of the most significant factors which determine the cultural background of an individual. As my family has a multicultural background I have been familiar with a variety of provisions since my childhood. 
I attribute all my good eating habits (perhaps my weakness too) to my ‘multicultural family’ in which I was born and brought up. To illustrate, my father is a second generation Pole (Poland), and my mother is a third generation English-Swiss. Thus I am blessed with the diversity of heritage, food habits, family environment, socio-economic aspects, religions, customs, and many more.
My father is good at making Polish dish and sausage. Therefore we eat Polish food on every holiday. Kielbasy and Kizka are very delicious sausage and I like them most. However, there are some items I do not like. For example, Golabki; it is stuffed cabbage which according to me is not a good accompaniment. As my mother’s sister is married to an Indian, I have enough opportunity to be familiar with Indian food as well. Among them, Samosa and Kielbasa are highly delicious. Samosa is a vegetable or meat-stuffed fried pastry which is exclusively an Indian snack food.
Food plays an important role in my family environment. It is one of the significant aspects that can define my family. Talk around the table is our most valuable routine. We discuss all family matters which help us preserve the diversity and uniqueness of our culture alive. My parents recall the good old days as they discuss the current political issues and subjects of social interests.
In short, food has a pivotal role in my family as it defines my cultural background and also influences my outlook and action.