How Does Russia's Geography Contribute to Its Political and Economic Instability – Essay Example

The paper "How Does Russia's Geography Contribute to Its Political and Economic Instability?" is a great example of a geography essay.
The climatic condition of the country affects economic development. The nature of the terrain and the climatic condition in terms of rainfall, winds, humidity, and temperature range influence the economic activities. Russian climate and geography are diverse, but with several advantages compared to other countries. The major area of economic interest is the coastal line. Russia has a coastline of approximately 37,653km which is a major focus on the issues of export and importation of goods and services (Galeotti, 2013, p. 56). The territorial sea is approximately 12 nm. The continental shelf is approximately 200m depth with the continental shelf affects the nature of the shipping activities.
The plain nature of the terrain increases the susceptibility of the country to political instability. the exist the northern Caucasus is a major area of concern because it is not inhabited by Russians but comprised of a society that is majorly Islamic and linked with the increase of terrorist acts (Pew Research Center, 2013). The acts have affected the economic development of the country. The heavy-handed counter-insurgency by the security forces has diverted the attention of the society from the root causes of the conflict in the country.
Consequently, the instability in the region is transferred to other regions. The involvement in the problems of Ukraine is a major contributor to the political stability of the country. The conflicts and the continual terrorist attacks in the country are affecting the society and the economy being the major casualty (Bishin, 2009). The terrain of Russia is relatively plain which improves accessibility thus encourages terrorism acts and affecting economic development. In conclusion, the demographic variation in the country has led to the challenge in the economy through political instability.