Barack Obama Fulfils the Dream – Essay Example

The paper "Barack Obama Fulfils the Dream" is a good example of a politics essay. A black man has been elected to the highest office of the most powerful country of the world.” This year election has been both demanding and challenging for the nation. However, it resulted in a positive surprise for many, and a historic event has taken place: the United States has chosen the first African-American to be the head of the country. Definitely, it shows that something has really changed in the thinking and perception of our multi-national society. While there are people who can remember how they were not allowed to drink water from one fountain with white people, we all have shown that those days are behind, and that we have finally understood and accepted the principles of racial equality as well as each individual’s right for all the positive things granted by law. I, personally, believe that having an African-American President does not only show that our nation has become more loyal, but also that it is becoming more united while dropping the limitations of prejudices regarding racial, national, or any other attributes of its members. Furthermore, I feel that having elected an African-American to be the President, we will completely erase the boundaries between diverse social groups in order for all the citizens to feel equal within the equal and democratic society. Consequently, the African American community is, I think, to become more active in the social and political affairs of the country, and to play a role similar to those of the leading communities of the US. The results of the elections have made me proud of being a part of the society in which an individual is judged by one’s behavior and personal qualities instead of any externally visible characteristics. Therefore, I am happy my country has taken this new step on the path to its further growth and development.