Major Changes in the US Development of 1960s – Essay Example

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The paper "Major Changes in the US Development of the 1960s" is an outstanding example of an essay on history. One of the most important times in the history of the USA was the 1960s. It was a time of change for the USA. In fact, the 1960s have played a big role in getting the USA to where she stands today. Important factors related to the 1960s include but are not limited to the life of Martin Luther King Jr. , the culture of hippies, and the development of children’ s toys.

The politics of the 1960s brought a revolutionary change specifically for the blacks in the USA. In the years between 1955 and 1968, Martin Luther King took certain steps that changed the status of the blacks. He said, “ Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’ t see the whole staircase” (King cited in “ Martin Luther King” ). Martin Luther King’ s efforts came to a stop in the year 1968 because he was murdered in this year during a protest in Tennessee. However, his dreams did not die with him.

Another very important revolutionary political factor of the 1960s was John F Kennedy’ s presidential term. He said, “ Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do or your country” (Kennedy cited in “ Ask not what” ). This quote served as a potential driver for the youngsters to join the armed forces. John F Kennedy was among the four presidents in the history of the USA who were murdered. However, it was not until the assassination of John F Kennedy that the American presidents were provided with a police force specifically for their protection.

John F Kennedy participated in three events of huge significance in the history of the USA, which include the crisis of the Cuban Missile, the American Civil Rights Movement, and the construction of the Berlin Wall. Much of the USA’ s status today can be attributed to the presidential term of John F Kennedy. Vietnam War, which is one of the most important wars in the history of the USA also took place during the 1960s. It can be referred to as a very important element of change in American politics.

The draft is one reason for this change as it allowed the selection of people for the military. Hundreds of thousands of women protested as a result of that draft because they were reluctant to send their men to fight especially in the war as the chances of no return of their men were immense. Regarding the Vietnam War, it was said, “ Our resistance will be long and painful, but whatever the sacrifices, however long the struggle, we shall fight to the end, until Vietnam is fully independent and reunified” (Minh cited in Patrick).

1960s were very important for a change in the entertainment industry in the USA. Barbie Doll was the first toy that became available to the children in 1960. This inculcated an urge in the boys to have some toys of their own as there were some for the girls as well. This laid the basis of the creation of such other toys as the trolls as GI Joe. The development of these toys led to the creation of a whole range of toys that have today become the insignia of the American entertainment industry.

Toys created then are still in use by children not only in the USA but also elsewhere in the world. The social status of the USA has been greatly influenced by the culture of the Hippies that prevailed in the 1960s. Hippies were recognized as people who wanted the spread of love and peace. Their agenda was to create peace in the society as hundreds of thousands of people were losing their lives in the Vietnam War.

Another important reason for this cause was the racism that had started to surface as a result of the changed social status of the blacks in the USA. Racism against blacks was another very important social change at that time. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were among the people who have fought a lot against racism. Concluding, there were a number of political and social factors that emerged in the 1960s that changed the USA and made it what she is today.

The American society experienced a big change since the 1960s with the Dream speech of Martin Luther King Jr. and by his attainment of the Nobel Peace Prize. The steps taken by John F Kennedy and the Vietnam War, the Hippies and the creation of new toys all contributed to the change of the USA that commenced in the 1960s.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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