How Can Sports Participation Help Children – Essay Example

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The paper "How Can Sports Participation Help Children? " is a wonderful example of an essay on sports and recreation. For Children sports’ is fun. It is fun to play out in the park or a garden with friends; sometimes fighting, sometimes bullying while sometimes holding hands with each other running after the ball. They belong to the world of innocence, without any trouble, or tension. But, this trend is diminishing slowly as the innocent world is getting lost amidst the technological world. With remote controls in their hands, they are often seen glued to their television sets.

Very few of us may realize the extent we are creating harmful circumstances for our children- without any physical activity, children’ s mental and physical health may jeopardize leading to illness and other problems and sports is the only solution. Summary It is the parents who have to inculcate the interests and spirit of sports into the children’ s lives for their overall well-being. Fortunately for parents and as several research suggests exercises and sports are one of the few rare events that provide equal social relationships, physical challenges, and competition spree.

There is no doubt of the fact that sports increase the self-esteem of the child and their academic performance while reducing to a considerable degree their chance to inherit the disease and use of drugs. Here again, the desire of a child is a search for fun and not to make sports any other boring class sessions. But, this innocence is yet again getting lost in the professionalism making an endurable wave into the psychology of a child who is interested in sports. And, parents are forced to think about the decision to have their child specialize in one sport or join a club or attend special camps.

On one hand, they want to have their child excel in one sport, join a club or attend special camps whereas on the other end they also think about the lengthy-time child needs to devote to the sports and financial burdens. If we look at the advantages these sports events inculcate in the child, these problems appear only like a small piece in an iceberg. Advantages & Disadvantages of Sports To analyze the prospective benefits sports have on children, last Sunday i. e.

on September 20, 2008, I went to a nearby ground where children from near locality gather together and organize one or the other sporting event. I met a young eight-year-old boy who was accompanied by his parents and talked to him about the sport, his interest and what prompted him to take part in this particular sport. He replied his name was Jack and had come to join the team of soccer. The other boys with the ball were standing waiting for the Jack and two more boys to join them.

And when I asked Jack why he loved soccer and he replied soccer was fun and he loved running after the ball, kicking it and pushing other guys. This was his innocent answer but the crux of all is he loves playing soccer and has an aptitude for the same.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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