Homelessness and Tourism in Miami – Essay Example

The paper "Homelessness and Tourism in Miami " is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. Homelessness and tourism may seem unrelated, but they both influence each other. In the city of Miami, where tourism is a major contributor to city revenues, homelessness poses a concern. This is because as much as the tourism sector earns the city revenues, these revenues are diminished in the efforts to settle homeless people. The visibility of homeless people in the city also discourages tourism. This is because homeless people may cause security issues and disturbance to the tourist thus making their visit uncomfortable. When the number of tourists decreases, this will cause an economic meltdown due to the withdrawal of tourism revenues. When the little revenues are diminished in taking care of the homeless, then public projects will not be funded. My data set will comprise a statistical representation of the approximate number of tourists that visit every year and the total revenues that the city earns from tourism. Additionally, the data set will comprise the factors that attract and those that discourage tourism in the city of Miami. I will have a column of analysis of the extent to which then negative factors affect tourism (Wright, et al. 12). This will help to know the extent that homelessness affects the sector. I will then build my model datasheet on the expenditure of the tourism revenue. In my model, I will use the actual estimates of the yearly revenues to make an estimate of the new model expenditure. The data will be presented in the form of tables and graphs in order to show both numerical display and graphical predictions of both the current data and the recommended one. I will use the cross-sectional method in my statistical analysis. On the other hand, I will use “Analytica” software to analyze my data that will cost me $1,995. My report will also include an advisory paper on the steps to be taken. Finally, I will provide information on how to minimize the effects of homelessness in the tourism sector. The whole project will take seven months to be completed, and I will charge a flat fee of $15000.