Andrew Jacksons Presidency – Essay Example

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The paper "Andrew Jackson’ s Presidency" is a wonderful example of a history essay. Andrew Jackson served as the President of United States of America from the year 1828-1837. He won the election in 1828 by defeating Henry Clay who was opposing Jackson. During Jackson’ s presidency, he wanted to eradicate corruption by appointing honest officers in the cabinet. What were the major policies and controversies of Jackson’ s administration? He did not follow the policies of Congress; instead, he used a veto to have a control over the party. Jackson had a major problem with the National Bank of the United States.

(Burstein 2003). He felt that national banks were providing funds for the rich than the poor. Jackson withdrew the money from the national banks and decided to invest them in smaller private banks. This leads to a problem of inflation and there was a major amount of debt. Other political parties were given a chance to compete with the existing parties. WhigsDuring Jackson’ s presidency, a second party started to enter politics. This political party was known as “ Whigs” . It started its operation in 1834 and continued till 1856.

Election of 1840 with its “ Log Cabin and Hard Cider Campaign” During the presidential election of 1840, many campaigns were conducted. Many slogans and songs were used in these campaigns. Log Cabin and Hard Cider are one among the famous campaigns that were conducted during the elections in 1840. Creation of Martin Van Buren and Democratic PartyWhen Jackson was the president, Martin Van Buren was the vice president. In the elections of 1837, Martin was strong enough to gain people and finally, he became the president.

In 1840 he defeated William Henry and continued to be the president. He was the leader of the Democratic Party in America. As Jackson was democratic, he opposed the aristocrats and the bank problem all paved the way to the formation of the Democratic Party.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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