American Civil War – Essay Example

The paper "American Civil War" is a wonderful example of a history essay. The American Civil War had been considered as one of the most significant factors in the establishment of American society as it appears in the present era.  Although there is a tremendous amount of data and information regarding the said war, the main classifications are the effects of the war in the home front specifically the life of civilians and the technology that had been used at war.
1. The Home Front during the Civil War
The effects of the Civil War in the lives of normal citizens cannot be denied since there is a friend or relative close to then who got wounded fighting or died due to the war because it was considered as the bloodiest war in the nation’s history (Vinovskis p.3-4).  A large percentage of the population is farmers who empathize with the goals and ends of the war creating an atmosphere of wanting the war in the said era even though the economy is affected (p.33).  In terms of the industrial aspect, the war triggered and cost lost of significant part of the labor force (p. 75).  Another significant effect of the Civil War is on the female members of the population.  During the war, the women in the families took the role of the man in terms of working and supporting their side of the war, either the Confederation in the South or the Union in the north (p.171).  These are some of the events in different groups in the home front during the Civil War.
2. New Technologies during the Civil War
There are various improvements in the technologies used in war that had been applied during the Civil War.  The guns and artilleries had improved in terms of accuracy.  Marine fleet had been utilized at war such as ships and submarines, thus changing the way manner by which war is fought.  Railroads enabled faster transport of weapons of war as well as soldiers while the use of telegraph and photograph improved the communication and documentation of war.  Other technologies include healthcare specifically the improvements of the doctors’ treatment and the recognition of the nursing profession (Crozier p. 30).
The Civil War, regardless of being the bloodiest war in the American history, can then be considered as the catalyst for change in the social, political and technological aspect that enable the present generation to enjoy their rights due to the elimination of slavery then.