Alexander Hamiltons Vision for the US was Superior to that of Thomas Jeffersons – Essay Example

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The paper "Alexander Hamilton’ s Vision for the US was Superior to that of Thomas Jefferson’ s" is a wonderful example of a history essay. The principal founding fathers of the US were Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Their approach to the task of developing this newly formed nation was different. Hamilton advocated economic policies that were patently undemocratic in their outlook. Despite the seemingly, autocratic nature of his policies, the nation was able to recover from its huge debt. Jefferson, by contrast, seemed to be a pristine and principled father figure; and he was disgruntled with the increasing popularity that was being accorded to Hamilton and his policies (Alexander Hamilton, Economic Prophet ).

All the same, they had the same outlook towards improving the financial status of the nation and recommended an economy that was based on independence and integrity. However, Hamilton’ s economic vision was better and established the best path for reaching the common objective. His unflagging efforts resulted in the creation of a mixed and centralized economy, which procured economic freedom for the country and established the economic framework that ensured continued progress (Allen).

One of his major achievements was the controlling of the national debt. Jefferson has provided the ideals for the nation, but the practical achievement of national unity, based on a strong economy was the handiwork of Hamilton. The latter’ s approach was founded on the precept that an individual accords greater importance to what he owns. His economic initiative permitted the US to discard its dependence on European powers. Hamilton promoted an economic policy that was founded on industry and agriculture. This was in marked contrast to Jefferson’ s economic vision that was based on agriculture.

It was Jefferson’ s opinion that Hamilton’ s policies had destroyed the values, for which the Revolutionary War had been, waged (Allen). Notwithstanding the diatribes of Jefferson against Hamilton’ s economic policies; the fact remains that the latter’ s initiatives saved the US, which was on the brink of economic disaster, and ensured a strong, innovative and vibrant economy (Tolson 66). Undoubtedly, Hamilton was the pragmatist, whose vision and efforts made the US a leading economic power. On the other hand, Jefferson was an idealist, who attempted to engender a refined and secure nation.

It cannot be gainsaid that the incessant efforts of Hamilton made free enterprise and economic prosperity a reality in the US.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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