A Glance Through Mexican History – Essay Example

The paper "A Glance Through Mexican History" is a wonderful example of a history essay.
The PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) was established by Calles in 1929. By 1934 Calles was in control of Mexican politics and government. Between 1934 and 1940, the struggle for supremacy started between Calles and the new president, Cárdenas. Calles stood with revolutionary minds whereas radical groups aligned behind Cardenas. Later Cárdenas reunited and formed two national federations- the Confederation of Mexican Workers (Confederación de Trabajadores Mexicanos--CTM) and the National Peasant Confederation (Confederación Nacional Campesina--CNC). The creation of these groups of labor, peasants etc. marked the transformation of the political system to a mass-based system. From 1930 to 1946 the country enjoyed peace. Since then there have never been organized violence or revolutionary movements. The government enjoyed widespread support even at the time of economic crisis.
The PRI also integrated workers and peasants into the political system by claiming to be the only vehicle able to realize their demands for labor union rights and land reform.
Land Reform: Cárdenas's government policy of land reform for peasants meant giving away land to those capable of substantial production. The peasants also received state credit. This was indeed a radical land reform program, which would transform the peasants into masters of the land.
Oil: When oil fields in Mexico began production, a large amount of wealth flew into the country.
This enhanced unprecedented level of corruption. Much of the oil revenue through Mexican
Petroleum was wasted in unnecessary projects and rise in salaries of the employees, during the regime of President López Portillo (1976-82).