Effect of American Civil War – Essay Example

The paper "Effect of American Civil War" is a wonderful example of a history essay. The American Civil War ( 1861-1865) affected the lives of many families physically, emotionally, and economically. According to Nofi  ( 2001), the casualties of the war amounted to 1,030,000 which comprise  3% of the population at that time; moreover,  no less than 400,00  soldiers died from the disease. The war was very personal since it tore families apart. Boys fought alongside with men (uncles and fathers) which caused much anguish to mothers and wives. There were even cases of sons leaving their family to join the other camp. Sadly, some of the families failed to reunite even after the war. 
It was a stressful time for women for they have to cope with trying times. In a letter written by Nancy Dowis in March 1862, she recounts the trials she encountered to her brother  J. Steele,  ( a Union soldier): “The rebels are pretty well cleaned out of Kentucky and I hope the game is about played out with them. There is a great deal of sickness in County now and a good many deaths also. Bill Dowis is dead. Several others also that you know. I lost my youngest son by accident. He volunteered in the service and by accident shot himself and died away from home” ( ket.org, 2009).
From the details of the letter, it can be implied that women were severely affected by the loss of family members. Aside from physical loss, women also have to adjust to the economic hardship. Amazingly, they were a source of strength to other people around them while their husbands, brothers, and sons were out in the battlefield. Although the outcome of the war resulted in the abolition of slavery, many lives changed due to the consequences brought by the war.