Challenges Facing Europe in the 20th Century – Essay Example

The paper "Challenges Facing Europe in the 20th Century" is a great example of a history essay.
Historically, the 20th century had various problems and challenges across many countries. Actually, calling 20th century as dark period is a good description of various events that took place. Europe was not an exception of these problems and various governments and people had to address them. This paper seeks to discuss challenges facing Europe in the 20th century.
Firstly, Europe went through a trying period in the 20th century during the war. The effects of the first, second and cold war affected the economic prosperity of the countries involved in the region. Resources meant for other forms of development went into war. Various sectors were damaged by bombs. Secondly, there was a holocaust in which so many Jews were killed. This led to the suffering of a huge population of people and the displacement of several families. Thirdly, forced migration saw majority displaced minority to create a national state. Such occurred in Serbia and Yugoslavia and occurred after the split of Russia. In addition, there was a large ethnic division in Europe, which was evident after the split of Germany into two parts, East and West Germany. Fourthly, the 20th century saw the rise of many diseases in Europe that had been linked to change in social trends. Diseases are now a major concern in Europe. Lastly, terrorism activities have become common in Europe. Various countries are investing heavily to counter-terrorism instead of money channelled to other essential areas (Lang 320-333). In conclusion, problems facing Europe are many. They range from wars, immigration, divisions of countries, diseases, and finally terrorism activities.