Handling Stress and Pressure Skillfully – Essay Example

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The paper "Handling Stress and Pressure Skillfully " is an outstanding example of an essay on English. School, family, work, and friends, and earning money, or are some of my many responsibilities. My English language skills are very good, but sometimes I know exactly what to say but at the same time don’ t remember the English words. School is very important to me, and it takes a lot of my energy. I keep careful track of due dates, test dates, or other dates, and don’ t fall behind and have to rush.

It’ s important for me to start assignments a little early and finish them on time. By studying online with Excelsior, I can be my own boss and decide when to study. Whenever something is too much for me, I have learned to say no. My family is very supportive, and they help with anything they can. It isn’ t enough to just avoid stress; we need to deal with it too. My son goes to school, too, so he knows some of my troubles. It is nice to share my feelings about stress, and all of us should do that more often.

Sometimes spending the whole day watching movies just helps me unwind. Money is always a problem. Because the economy is so bad, I am getting less overtime, which means less money. I fear to lose my job and not being able to provide for my family here, and in Cuba. Finishing my online school will help take some of that stress away. It helps to deal with stresses before they become serious. Don’ t let stress control you; you control the stress.

If you find yourself too stressed out, find someone to talk to or just spend time with someone. And get more sleep!

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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