Discipline and Grievance Pocketbook – Essay Example

The paper "Discipline and Grievance Pocketbook" is a worthy example of an English essay. This is to express my dismay on dismissal from school based on my GPA. It is an ill-fated occurrence, which has detrimental consequences on my finances and education. The administration failed to use appropriate communication methods in passing their verdict. This is because I realized that I had been dismissed upon arriving in school. I urge the school to consider my circumstances and issue me with a fresh I20. As an overseas student, I have faced multiple challenges since I had minimal time to settle. Indeed, lifestyle and dietetic changes have been overwhelming. The poor results do not mirror my intellect and effort but are a culmination of various factors. Nonetheless, I am a disciplined individual with ideal morals. School administration should accord me due to justice by considering the circumstances surrounding the occurrence. I must admit my performance was not adequate since the I20 is granted based on exemplary results. The action taken by the institution was harsh because I have only failed once. Therefore, the institution should allow sufficient time for me to prove my capabilities. Subsequently, the school should re-evaluate their decision and issue me with an I20. I will adhere to the requirements of the school that correlate with the provision of a new I20. It is imperative to issue me with an I20 to enable my make-up for the failed test. Moreover, it will make me settle in campus before the resumption of a normal session (Sangale, 2010). I urge the school to reconsider their position since I am an ideal student who can contribute positively to the institution despite achieving a low GPA. I will adhere to the conditions set by the institution for the approval of an I20. I am keen to cooperate for the resolution of the above situation (Sangale, 2010). I am hoping for a positive response from the institution with regard to the grievances raised.