Great Expectations: Motives of Mrs Joe and Estella towards Pip – Essay Example

The paper "Great Expectations: Motives of Mrs Joe and Estella towards Pip" is an outstanding example of a literature essay.
The behaviours towards Pip projected by Mrs Joe and Estella are different since they stem from different motives. Mrs Joe’s treatment of Pip is rather nasty and cruel, for we do not see a single moment where she has talked to Pip with love and care, the things Pip wants the most. She feels that after their parent’s death she was forced to raise and take care of Pip against her will. Her motive, therefore, is to show that she cares the least for Pip and that she never wanted to take the burden of him.
On the other hand Estella’s behaviour towards Pip is rather based on an egotistical and pompous stance. She was taught by Miss Havisham, having faced a betrayal from a man, to think that all men are same and that none of them is worthy of trust and believes. Since she was trained to be rigid in believing that men are deceitful, she also believes pompously that their feelings towards women should not be reciprocated. This is what she does to Pip although she knows that Pip is interested in her.
Another motive for the behaviour of Mrs Joe towards Pip is to demonstrate her supreme authority in the house. She, as we know, dominates even her own husband, Joe. Pip is just a child who is timid and fragile and Joe is all the more helpless. This further intensifies Mrs Joe’s cruel authority in the house.
Estella too desires to demonstrate authority, but her behaviour is based on the supreme power of wealth and pride that Miss Havisham has taught her to believe in. We sympathise with her, though, for we know that she was dictated wrong attitudes.
The similarity between Mrs Joe’s and Estella’s behaviours is that both are based on pride and demonstration of power. For Mrs Joe, it is the authoritative stance towards her family that counts more, while for Estella it is the power of rigidity towards men that her aunt taught her. We can thus conclude that none of Joe’s relations with women succeeded.