God Is Sovereign, Humans Are Responsible – Essay Example

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The paper "God Is Sovereign, Humans Are Responsible " is an excellent example of an essay on religion and theology. God’ s sovereignty is complete and doubtless, ruling the fates of the world, having the power for miracles and wonders, owning the right for creating universes out of emptiness, and deciding the fates of the nations. God is free in his deeds and has the ability to shape human lives according to his will. At the same time, possessing the immense power and force, God has decided to give people a right to choose and decide, a right to be independent according to own thoughts and will.   Well, probably humans’ existence would be pointless if they were completely ruled by God’ s choices and wills if all the events to take place in their lives were prescribed by God’ s desire.

So, the almighty God has given people a chance to participate in own fate, and shape it according to own understanding of life. However, I believe, though people are free to choose the paths of their lives, and are responsible for own deeds and decisions, this gift of God was given to them in order to lead to an independent understanding of God’ s ways.

Having created an independently thinking and creative creature, God has given one a choice of whether to live according to the God’ s law, in peace with oneself and others or to follow the path of sin, struggling in the attempts to achieve a better life. I think God gave us a right to choose in order for us to follow him independently, not forced by his divine power because one cannot be forced to love or respect – these feelings come from the heart, and God, understanding it, chose to be loved, respected and followed sincerely.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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