Globalization in Electronics – Essay Example

The paper "Globalization in Electronics" is an excellent example of a business essay.
Electronics stores are often known for their assortment when it comes to the most technologically superior items the market can offer. There are various items available that suit the needs and desires of every customer. These items range from; cameras, television sets, video games, fridges, to mobile phones. Most of the items mentioned above are often brought into the country from Japan and China. The electronics shop in the region imports these products from the above-mentioned countries because the products offered are of superior quality as compared to other regions, and also because of the cheap deals they get for these items. Japan and China have the biggest labor markets available in the world, and the amount/quantity of products they export enable them to have a strong economy (Robertson 58).
In my opinion, this is not necessarily a good idea because having businesses import goods from another country means that local industries are not getting the required/necessary demand for their products. Moreover, there is the significant transfer of wealth in the region due to imports, and the loss of capital and jobs in the local market. Most of the products/items sold in electronics shops or any other shop may not necessarily have products manufactured from that region. People are taking advantage of the overseas market to engage in subcontracting the production of some of their products in order to maximize profits while reducing costs (Robertson 73). This is having a direct impact on local industries and is causing a huge debate among members of the public as well as policymakers.