Gender Equality, Economic Growth, and Employment – Essay Example

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The paper "Gender Equality, Economic Growth, and Employment" is an outstanding example of an essay on category gender and sexual studies. Gender equality has been a debate that has heated in all platforms of justice and equality in the 21st century. For centuries, women have been considered to be a weaker gender thus inferior to men. Women are denied opportunities to prove themselves in certain fields. In some cultures, up to this century, women are treated to be properties and not human beings.
Gender inequality Across the World
In many countries, women are denied their basic rights. For instance, in China, there are no policies that are set to protect the interest of women. Feminists and Feminist activities have been advocating for the government of China t institute policies that will protect women from being mistreated and mishandled by men. In China, it is not news when women are sexually harassed and raped. The government of China has done little to combat sexual harassment and rape cases against women. The current system that is being used in China considers women to be properties of men thus men and use them the way they like. Domestic violence is also not news in China (Sainsbury, 2016). Women are beaten even to the extent of being left for the mercies of death b their husbands and yet nothing is done to ensure that these brutal husbands face the consequences of their actions.
The situation in Saudi Arabia is no different. Being an Islamic nation, Saudi Arabia strictly follows the Islam laws, Sharia, that is derived from the Quran and Sunnah (the tradition) to run the country. Sharia does not consider women to be of the same dignity as their counterparts, men. Women are considered to be weaker in the society than men thus in Saudi Arabia, the government has instituted a system called Guardianship in which every lady is legally assigned to a specific male guardian who will help her to make important decisions in their lives. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to make important decisions such as travelling long-distance journeys without having written consent with them that will show their male guardians have acknowledged this decision (Bacchi, 2015).
In Saudi Arabia also, women are were just allowed to start driving June this year after decades of feminists and feminist activities’ demonstrations, series of campaigns, and other struggles for them to be allowed to drive. Hundreds of feminists and feminist activities have been imprisoned and even killed just because of advocating for their rights to drive. The ban that denied women their freedom to drive was lifted last year, 2017, when the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was brought to harsh reality in which husbands and children were losing their lives simply because women would not be allowed to drive. For instance, the Crown Prince was given an example in which a family lost their only child when he got sick one evening and the man of the house was not around. The mother had to watch her only daughter dying in her eyes since she the Saudi Arabia Constitution and the Sharia laws ban women from sitting behind the wheel and drive. Even though women have been allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia that is hardly enough. Women ought to be given equal opportunities to live like their counterparts (Mergaert, 2017).
Even though the western part of the world and Europe at large may be bragging of giving equal opportunities for both female and male, still a lot remains to be done in the western culture to ensure that an even playground for both men and women is attained for members of each gender to prove themselves. For instance, many people may think that the United States of America is observing gender equality, but that is not the case. There are some fields in which women have not been allowed to occupy even it if they have the required knowledge, skills, and ability that are needed for one to occupy such positions. For instance, in the United States of America and other European countries, both developed countries and developing countries, women are not allowed to take front lines in military activities (Löfström, 2013). Even though women may be qualified than their counterparts, male, they are usually not allowed to take front lines of battlefields, but instead, less qualified males are allowed to take such positions.
We, the people of this era, ought to play a central role in ensuring that women are given equal opportunities as their counterpart, the male in all fields. We ought to come up strongly and help to push for gender equality in all avenues of life. Employees should not discriminate their employees just because they are women. We should pull our muscles together and advocate that society treat both female and males equally. Women and their counterparts, men, should be allowed an even playground for them to prove themselves.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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