FOIA and Privatization of Government – Essay Example

The paper "FOIA and Privatization of Government" is an outstanding example of a business essay. I agree that private firms should be subjected to the Freedom of Information Act of 1966 once they use public funds. People pay taxes in order to get essential services from the government. Therefore, if private companies benefit from this tax, they must be willing to be scrutinized and follow the act which protects the interests of the members of the public. In addition, the organization should be ready to disclose crucial information on its function because the public should be informed on how their monies are being utilized. This is important in creating transparency and accountability when utilizing public resources. People should be given the right to choose if they are willing to pay more for better services. In case they feel that the current services do not satisfy their interests, they are free to contact the necessary authority and reach an agreement to pay more in order to benefit from better services. In some instances, the government tries to balance its taxation in order not to overtax people who earn less. However, those earning more are free to pay more in order to receive extra services. Nevertheless, the government should be careful not to create a big gap between the rich and the poor, an aspect that would lead to discontentment among a section of the population. Therefore, the government should offer guidance. For instance, in case an area feel that they are experiencing congestion and they are willing to pay more taxes and contract the government to construct new roads, then they should be allowed.