Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply – Essay Example

The paper "Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply" is an outstanding example of an essay on engineering and construction. The help chart is a very useful visual aid in the event of a fire outbreak as it assists occupants of a building in fighting fire during an inferno. Certain information must be on a help chart as this information would facilitate the firefighting process. Firstly, the location of fire extinguishers in the building must be on the help chart as this would make the fire extinguishers easily accessible and consequently improve the firefighting process. Apart from the location of the fire extinguishers, instructions on how to use these extinguishers must also be on the help chart as many occupants do not really know the working principle of the extinguishers. Similarly, there are four different fire extinguishers that must be used for the four classes of fire and this be must properly be explained in the help chart (Mahoney & Hannig, 2008). Secondly, in the event of a fire outbreak, instructions on how best to activate the fire alarm system must be on the help chart as this would also help the firefighting process. After the fire alarm has been activated, the help chart must also show the various exit routes that should be taken and this would help reduce the number of people that would be injured due to the fire outbreak. There must also be warning on the help chart that elevators must not be used for evacuation as the elevators could be affected by the fire which would ultimately bring about its failure and consequently trap people in it (Mahoney & Hannig, 2008). The help chart must also contain the telephone numbers of the nearest firefighting offices as this would help the occupants to quickly alert the officers that are responsible for fighting fire in the event of an outbreak.