Fire Protection Hydraulics – Essay Example

The paper "Fire Protection Hydraulics" is an outstanding example of an essay on engineering and construction. It is pertinent for fire departments to establish policies regarding initial pressure as this would help to tackle problems that come with having an inappropriate initial pressure. In the firefighting process, the initial pressure must be regulated by guiding policies in such a way that it is not too high as an abnormally high initial pressure could damage the pipe and disrupt the firefighting process. In the same vein, if the initial pressure is too high, it could make the occurrence of the water effect more likely (Mahoney & Hannig, 2008). Similarly, there should also be policies that guides against a low initial pressure as a reduction in the expected initial pressure may mean that the initial pressure would not be enough to force the required amount of water in quenching a fire and this could hamper the firefighting process (Mahoney & Hannig, 2008). Thus, it is advisable for fire department officers to establish policies regarding initial pressure as the initial pressures must be in the accepted range in the firefighting system. It has been explained that an initial pressure that is too high could cause damages to the pipe, nozzle, and hoses of the firefighting system. Similarly, if the initial pressure is too low, it could impede water from getting to the required regions of the building. The establishment of policies that guides initial pressure would also play a vital role in preventing the occurrence of the water hammer phenomenon in a pipe fitting. As these policies would ensure that the pipes and fittings are in line with the required operating pressure as an allowance would also be made to help prevent the water hammer effect.